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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you Funeral Directors?

No, We work for/ on behalf of Funeral Directors offering a range of services.

  • Do you take calls direct from the public?

Yes, even though we provide the majority of our services to Funeral Directors, we do accept calls from anyone who requires our services.

  • Where are you based and how far do you cover?

 We are based in Carmarthenshire, Wales but we offer our services all over the UK.

  • What are the prices for the services you offer?

We have fixed duty costs for every service, these include 30 miles allowance, after 30 miles there is a small mileage charge, charged per mile. We do not charge anything for our return to base journey. All our rates are  very competitive, transparent, no hidden charges. All our quotes are as accurate as possible and do not include any congestion charges, third party fees etc.

  • What payments do you accept?

Cash, bank transfer and card


  • What services do you offer the public?

When someone passes away, we will accept calls directly from the public. As we are not Funeral Directors you will need to have one in mind so we are able to transport your loved-one to their premises/ hospital mortuary. Also if you require a loved-one or cremated remains of a loved-one to be transported from the area they lived back to their home/ birth place we will be able to assist you.

  • What does Repatriation/ Land Repatriation mean?

This means the return of someone to their own country/ another part of a country (e.g. Wales to Scotland)

  • How much will it cost to transport a relative that has passed away in the UK?

It depends on where you are wanting to transport your loved one from and to. We charge a Land Repatriation cost of £100 which includes 30 miles from our base, additional mileage is £1.10 per mile and we do not charge for our return to base journey.

  • Have you got a Mortuary transport price list for UK?

Our costs vary depending on the mileage to the mortuary and back to your chosen funeral directors premises. As previously mentioned we do not charge for the return to base journey. Please click here to see our page that displays all information about our costs.

  • What if i need your services when a person passes away,  do you have to travel to us (Funeral Home) with the person? 

We can travel to your funeral home but this would increase the mileage cost. We do have some lovely funeral directors who will allow us to take the person into their care until you can arrange your own transport. There is a small charge for this (Please ask) but we will always try and work out the most cost effective way for you and the family's you are caring for.  

  • I am looking for mortuary transfer/ mortuary transfers within the next week. How can I find out the cost and how do I book please?

Thank you for getting in touch with us, you can either book a service by calling our 24 hour number displayed on the top page header or you can fill in the quote request form by clicking here and we shall reply as soon as we can with a cost. Once the estimate has been sent to you, please take your time to look over it, any questions please ask. If you would like to go ahead with the mortuary transfer, reply to our email that the estimate was sent from and we can then contact you to gather copies of any documents, collect details and any requests to be able to proceed with the journey. 

If you have a question you would like answered and it cannot be found on this page, please fill and submit the form on our "Contact Us" page and we will get back to you with an answer and we will place the question on our page for future reference.

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